First Protect Training Academy

Security Officer Training


Maryland & District of Columbia Security Training Course. All security courses will provide participants with the training necessary to meet Maryland or DC security guard regulations. 

Special Police Officer Training


This course satisfies the Special Police Officer training required by District of Columbia regulations. The course includes: Baton, Handcuffing, and firearms for armed personnel.

Firearms Training



Participants will be instructed in the safety, use, and handling of the various types of pistols (semi-automatic & revolvers), the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, various pistol firing positions, several practical exercises on the firing range, as well as cleaning and storage. 

OC Spray


  This course instructs participants in the defensive tactics and field decontamination techniques to be used when deploying Oleoresin Capsicum "OC".

Baton & Handcuffing


Participants will receive basic instruction on the functionality

 and use of baton and handcuffs.

Electronic Control Device


This Course instructs participants in the safe and effective use of Electronic Control devices. 

Security Training Classes


District of Columbia Security Training

DC Special Police Officer Armed 40 Hours Class $350

    DC Special Police Officer Unarmed 30 Hours Class $225

DC Security Officer 16 Hours Class $125


Maryland Security Training

MD Armed Guard  $325

MD Unarmed Guard (enhanced) $225

MD Guard (basic) $125

MD Private Investigation Training (basic) TBD

MD Private Investigations Training/Firearms TBD

MD Private Investigations Sponsorship $300


Non Leathal and Leathal Weapons Training

  1. Firearms Training $300
  2. Handgun Qualification License $50
  3. Electronic Controlled Device $200
  4. OC Spray $75
  5. CPR/First Aid/AED $75

Training Dates

All other training contact First Protect Security, Inc. for training dates.

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