First Protect Security, Inc. - Police Services Division

First Protect Security, Inc. Police Services Division are certified sworn Special Police Officers with the arrest powers within the jurisdiction we patrol. FPSI - Police Service Division patrol and enforce the law and provide the same services within jurisdiction as do city or county law enforcement officers.

First Protect Security Police Services Division was created to offset and assist city, county, government agencies and communities with police service. In some jurisdictions, Police Departments simply do not have the level of staffing to provide police officers desired by private organizations like hospitals, housing communities, and others.   FPSI Police Services Divisions officers have completed law enforcement training and certification standards. As security professionals, FPSI - Officers must also complete additional field training with an FPSI - field training officer, basic training and courses including: 

  • Terrorism awareness 
  • Active Shooting 
  • City, State, Federal Laws 
  • Report writing 
  • Baton training 
  • Handcuffing training 
  • OC Spray training 
  • Control Electronic Device 
  • Officer survivor skills 
  • Arrest procedures 
  • Suspicious persons and packages  
  • Patrol procedures 
  • Driver training 
  • CPR/First Aid/AED training and certification 
  • Specialize training to support the projects and jurisdictions we serve  

Emergency Rapid Response

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