First Protect Security, Inc.

Who are we

First Protect Security, Inc. is fastes growing security services in North America and is recognized as a elite security provider in every market that we serve. 


First Protect Security, Inc. is a company you can count on. When our clients call, we are ready to handle all there security needs. We get it right the first time!


First Protect Security, Inc. pride ourselves by staying professional and having a "Commited to Excellence" work ethic. When you see our officers in your communities you will see there giving you a 100% at all times.


In the security profession honor and integrity is everything. We hire officers with the highest amount of integrity and honor to be called a member of the First Protect Security, Inc. team.

Customer Service

When you have problems we have the solutions. We pride ourselves with great customer service to our clients. When you come in contact with our officers there ready to assist with your security problems.

National Resources

We can handle security within the United States when ever you need it. We have security affiliates throughout the country that we partner with to get the job done.

Security Service



First Protect Security Inc., employs professional security officers to patrol buildings and property of our clients, examining doors, windows, and gates to assure they are secured. Our officers inspect premises for such irregularities as signs of intrusion and interruption of utility service. Our security officers also inspect burglar alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems to ascertain they are set to operate properly. We answer alarms, investigate disturbances, and write reports of irregularities. 

First Protect Security, Inc. will tailor security services to any clients needs. If your business needs security professionals to observe, detect, and deter crime or our highly trained Special Police Officers who are commissioned and authorized to arrests within the jurisdictions we are contracted.



First Protect Security Inc. specializes in the employment investigations and other related issues. Our investigators are experienced and ready to respond for emergencies. We are also equipped to handle surveillance in extremely diverse settings such as offices, retail, commercial.  

Security Training


First Protect Security Training Academy offer security training for individuals wanting to get in the security profession. First Protect Security Training Academy which we provide training in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia in various subjects such as Special Police Officer training, Security training, Investigations, Firearms, Baton, Handcuffing, Electronic Control Device, CPR/First/AED, and OC Spray.